Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

We have been busy collecting and sharing the top pregnancy news and filling our Flipboard magazine, called Pregnancy and Lactation, with interesting stories from around the world.  Here we share our Friday round-up of thoughtful posts ranging from weight gain to maternal infections in pregnancy.

Week of November 30, 2015:

Lets start by announcing the winner of our first giveaway! Congratulations to  Kristen W. from Mountain Home, Idaho, for winning an Evenflo Titan Convertible car seat from over 750 entries! Stay tuned to the Pregistry Facebook page for your next chance to win in December!

A study published last year found that the overall risk of birth defects for women taking antiretroviral medications for HIV during early pregnancy is low — this is in agreement with previous research. Read more about it here.

Coffee lovers unite! A recent report suggests that coffee is safe for pregnant women! Read the study here.

Our top post of the week, written by one of our leading bloggers, discusses the art of singing to your baby. Scientists have confirmed what parents have always suspected: babies love it when someone sings to them! Read the full story here and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

New fertility test warns women if they are running out of eggs.  Is this something that interests you?  Read more about it here.

The World Health Organization suggest new C-section recommendations: an average of no more than 10-15% of births by C-section, for optimal maternal and neonatal outcomes. Read more about it here.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway contest coming up in December and some celebrity guest posts from some leading pregnancy bloggers.

Feel free to share your top news from the week and let us know your thoughts about our picks in the comments section below.

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Diego Wyszynski
Dr. Diego Wyszynski is the Founder and CEO of Pregistry. He is an expert on the effects of medications and vaccines in pregnancy and lactation and an accomplished writer, having published 3 books with Oxford University Press and more than 70 articles in medical journals. In 2017, he was selected a TEDMED Research Scholar. Diego attended the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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