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We have been busy collecting and sharing the top pregnancy news and filling our Flipboard magazine, called Pregnancy and Lactation, with interesting stories from around the world.  Here we share our Friday round-up of thoughtful posts ranging from weight gain to maternal infections in pregnancy.

Week of November 23, 2015:

Have you heard about the surprising health benefits women may get from breastfeeding? If not, then read them now!

The top post from this week’s Pregistry blog: The Microbiome, Probiotics, You, and Your Baby – What are your methods of staying healthy? Check it out here

Fertility in women with rheumatoid arthritis is a real concern.  A report shows some results. Read more about it here

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Kristine Shields
Dr. Kristine Shields is an Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioner with a doctorate in Public Health. She is a women's health advocate dedicated to providing evidence-based information to pregnant and breastfeeding women and their health care providers so they can make informed treatment decisions.

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