Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

For the Week Ending November 3, 2019. 

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Don’t lie to your kids

It erodes their trust in you, makes them less self-confident and functional, and encourages them to just lie right back to you. Read more here.

This is important for you because although it is not always the easiest, honesty is (usually) really the best policy. 

But do vaccinate them

The second of the three types of poliovirus has just been declared eradicated; no cases of it have been reported for seven years. The third is still around, mainly in countries where vaccination rates are low. Read more here.

This is important for you because you can help ensure that this devastating disease does not have a resurgence, like measles did. Vaccinate your babies.

Nursing guidelines

Neonatal nursing and midwifery practices vary around the world. The Healthy Newborn Network is trying to establish a global framework for the education and training of these specialists to help define their role more explicitly. Read more here

This is important for you because healthy neonates worldwide is just important.

Russian CRISPR babies

A Russian scientist has declared that he intends to emulate He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who made babies from eggs whose DNA had been edited using CRISPR. Unlike Jianku, however, Denis Rebrikov has said that he will wait for regulatory approval before actually making babies; his research will focus on exploring how to make sure that CRISPR edits only the DNA regions that researchers want it to. Read more here.  

This is important for you because the first scientist who attempted this flouted international opinions and guidelines. It should be interesting to see if this one actually abides by them, as he claims he will.

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