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COVID-19 and childbirth in the US

The CDC recommends separating women who have COVID-19 from their newborns in order to reduce the potential risk of virus transmission. This runs counter to WHO recommendations, which acknowledge the established risk of separating mothers and newborns. Zaneta Thayer, an anthropology professor at Dartmouth, claims that this is in keeping with the way the US pathologizes the whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Read more here.

This is important for you because American maternity care is based on the adage “better safe than sorry;” this may be true, but we should still make sure to remember, and weigh, that there can be significant costs associated with being “safe.”

Comb jellies eat their young

Life can be tough for invasive species that may not have enough of their preferred food source in their new habitat. The comb jellies in the western Baltic Sea solve this problem by cannibalizing their larvae. Read more here.

This is important for you because even now, there are benefits to being human.

Kid culture

Contemporary American parenting philosophy has divided kids’ spaces and activities from adult ones, insisting that children have unique needs that can only be met a certain way and sequestering parents and families from the rest of adult life. It does not have to be this way; children’s museums and storytime can be nice once in a while, but there are activities that everyone in a family, kids and parents, can all enjoy. And everyone can benefit when different generations interact. Read more here.

This is important for you because the preponderance of kid-centric activities can make parenting feel like an all consuming marathon. Not everything you do has to be focused on child development.

Baby Songbirds

It is baby songbird season! If you find one–since you’ve obviously taken up birdwatching while sheltering at home, because who hasn’t–learn what to do with it here.

This is important for you because–well it’s not, but they’re cute, and they’ll sing…

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Diana Gitig
Dr. Diana Gitig has a Ph.D. in cell biology and genetics from Cornell University, and has been writing about issues in biology – from molecular biology to cancer to immunology to neuroscience to nutrition to agriculture - for the past fifteen years. She has three teenaged children.

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