Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

For the Week Ending February 24, 2019.

Overpopulation? Not so fast…

Conventional wisdom is that the human population will continue to expand, further stressing our already beleaguered planet. But when this journalist and political scientist actually delved into the UN data they found evidence for the opposite trend. As women across the developing world gain access to education fertility rates are dropping. And that could be good not only for those women, but for societies and for our environment. Read more here.   

This is important for you because when your hyper-eco-conscious friends try to make you feel guilty for procreating, throw this one at them.

Girl Power

The most successful women are those that form strong networks built of strong bonds with other women with whom they have shared experiences. Read more here.

This is important for you because being pregnant and giving birth can be a bonding experience with much of womankind!

Paid family leave in NJ

New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy,  just signed a bill expanding paid family leave in the state from six to twelve weeks. Read more here.

This is important for you, even if you don’t live in New Jersey, because hopefully it will galvanize a trend in other states.

Of course you can nurse your baby here!

Lactation rooms are proliferating in public spaces – like state houses. Read more here.

This is important for you because no matter how generous the paid family leave policy, most mothers will eventually return to work. Workplaces should provide them with a safe, clean, private place to nurse  for their and their baby’s health and well-being.

The most popular article on The Pulse this week was Critical Periods in Your Unborn Baby’s Development. Read this review of the first twenty weeks of embryonic development, from the fertilized egg to a complete fetus, here.

Diana Gitig
Dr. Diana Gitig has a Ph.D. in cell biology and genetics from Cornell University, and has been writing about issues in biology – from molecular biology to cancer to immunology to neuroscience to nutrition to agriculture - for the past fifteen years. She has three teenaged children.

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