Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

For the Week Ending February 16, 2020.

Woman Gives Birth to Twins — 11 Weeks Apart

When Lilliya Konovalova became pregnant with twins, she didn’t expect to give birth twice. But the 29-year-old, who lives in Northern Kazakhstan, was in the hospital two times — once in May, for the birth of her daughter, and again earlier this month, for the birth of her son. Read more about it here.

Homicide a Top Cause of Maternal Death in La.
Women and girls who were pregnant or postpartum in the state faced double the risk of dying by homicide than those who were not, a new study shows. Read our blog here and the news here.

Miscarriage Trauma Can Last Far Longer Than We Realized
New research says many women struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD months down the road. Read about it here.

5 Countries with the Highest Declining Birthrates
Here are the top five countries with declining birthrates and what they are doing to address it. Watch a video here.

The most popular article on The Pulse this week was When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night? Read it here.

Diego Wyszynski
Dr. Diego Wyszynski is the Founder and CEO of Pregistry. He is an expert on the effects of medications and vaccines in pregnancy and lactation and an accomplished writer, having published 3 books with Oxford University Press and more than 70 articles in medical journals. In 2017, he was selected a TEDMED Research Scholar. Diego attended the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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