What To Wear During Pregnancy – A Guide For Each Trimester!

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As you progress with your pregnancy, your body experiences obvious changes. For most first-time moms, the increasing body weight and the growing bump are top concerns. Another concern is that you probably no longer fit into your regular clothes after the first trimester. So, it is time to start thinking about maternity clothing! Thankfully, there are big brands and specialty clothing labels that design nice and relatively inexpensive maternity clothes and accessories. But, truthfully, with a little bit of creativity, you can extend much of your wardrobe so that it lasts from pre-baby to well after your little peanut has made his or her debut. Here, we present you some tips in case you wonder what to wear during pregnancy.

In the first trimester

Most women keep their good news under wraps for a few weeks because the first trimester carries the highest risk of pregnancy loss (read a Pulse post about this topic here). Although you are pregnant, your bump is not obvious yet. Of course, you can still wear your usual clothes, but it’s a good idea to stay away from clingy clothes. Instead, use soft fabrics and cuts that comfortably hug your curves.

What to wear: Cottons and organic fabrics that fit you comfortably. Look for summery dresses, A-line cuts, and shirt-dresses. Basically, look for clothes that don’t attract too much attention to your growing belly and waist.

In the second trimester

Your overall shape is notably changing during this trimester. However, don’t overspend during these three months! Your bump will feel bigger to you but most other people will not notice a big difference yet. Well, if you are keen on showing off your bump, you will need to wear clothes that fit you well. This is also the time to buy new lingerie! Your breasts begin to grow and the old ones may not feel comfortable anymore. You don’t need a nursing bras yet, and it’s best to avoid underwired designs.

What to wear: A good pair of dark, stretchy leggings is a great investment (you do not need to spend any extra money in the so-called maternity leggings). You will use them VERY often. A pair of black boot-cut yoga pants could also be another workhorse of your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with organic fabrics, such as cotton. Buy a bra one size bigger than your usual and invest in a few button-down shirts, tops and shirt-dresses. In that way, you can undo a few buttons when you feel heavy or hot. Also, you will need new denims and bottoms – things that will allow enough breathing space for your bump, especially if you like mid-bottom/high waist denims.

In the final trimester

Finally, you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy! Few types of clothes feel comfortable. Zippers are too tight, buttons are inconvenient, and even waistbands are annoying. So, what should you wear? Well, comfort is paramount. You can always look for great designs and styles, but it’s important to be comfortable. You need clothes that are easy to wear, to open, and that allow you enough room to pee without extra effort.

What to wear: Maxi dresses – that’s your top choice for this period. Put one on and you are ready to go. You can also try new accessories and shoes. Also, make sure to check new prints, stripes, and cuts, adding more options and styles to your wardrobe.

Remember: you can be comfortable and in style, no matter what season it is or what size you are!

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