Creative Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

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Beyoncé recently stunned her fans with an elaborate photo shoot revealing her twin pregnancy. Wearing a green veil or posing underwater may or may not be your style. We’ve got tons of creative ideas for you to celebrate your pregnancy.

Picture-Perfect Pregnancy

Letting your partner be pregnancy photographer is a great way to share the excitement as you await your new arrival. For a polished look, take photos in the same place every week, in the same pose, wearing form-fitting clothing to show off every little change.

Try changing the angle for a creative approach to pregnancy photos. Taking photos from above shows a different perspective than a profile-shot photo series. It’s also a way to remember your pregnant belly from the same intimate angle you and your partner see it.

Props are another fun addition. Many pregnancy trackers compare a developing baby’s size to fruits and vegetables. Cradling a grape, tomato, or eggplant is a playful way to show baby’s growth week to week.

One last thought on photos: Don’t hide so-called “flaws,” at least for a few photos. Some expectant mothers feel self-conscious about darkening nipples, stretch marks, or their linea nigra. Capturing these changes on film can be a vulnerable and beautiful look at your body’s transformation.

Find the Right Words

Diary lovers and other writerly types may want to capture pregnancy in words. Browse Etsy and you’ll find a range of pretty journals, some with prompts to jumpstart your creativity. A few ideas to get you started could include:

  • Pregnancy cravings
  • Strange pregnancy dreams
  • How we picked baby’s name
  • Planning the nursery

Some moms may enjoy writing a series of letters to their unborn baby on fancy stationery or in a special notebook. Try clipping favorite illustrations from a children’s book to add a visual element. Erasure poetry can be another way to find the right words–literally. Search for inspiration by circling individual words or phrases on the page of an old book. Then, color over the other words on the page so only your new sentence or poem remains.

Videos and More

Sometimes, a still image just can’t do a moment justice. When you find out you’re pregnant, finding a way to record your partner’s reaction to the news can be a sweet way to save the memory. Late in pregnancy, expectant moms may see their bellies move as the baby stretches. It can be hard to believe your eyes, so why not capture video proof?

Some creative and skilled parents have created elaborate stop-motion videos to document their unborn baby’s growth. One mother pretends to inhale the air from a balloon as her belly expands. Another couple (plus their German Shepherd) even managed to find the humor in morning sickness in their time lapse video.

Looking for a truly hands-on way to memorialize this life-changing experience? You might be interested in making a body cast of your pregnant belly. This plaster or papier mache project can be done at home, and there are endless ways to decorate your body cast to reflect an artistic interpretation of your experience.

Are you doing something special to document your pregnancy? We’d love to hear it!

Jessica Sillers
Jessica Sillers is a parenting and finance writer whose work has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn, Headspace, and more. As a new mom herself, she’s passionate about helping other parents find the community and support they need. When she’s not writing, she loves spending time with her family, reading, and hiking.

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