How to Mother Your Pregnant Self

Mother Pregnant Self

Pregnancy is a demanding time in a woman’s life and requires a lot of physical and emotional energy. If you are pregnant and also raising kids, working inside the home, working outside the home, or any combination, you probably find that you have no time left at the end of the day to take care of yourself.

We’ve all heard the airline spiel about putting on your own oxygen mask first before helping other people with their masks. This applies to making sure we are taking care of ourselves in order to help us be able to take care of other people.

When you take care of yourself, you are not being selfish. You are recharging your batteries.

Eat for You

Are you taking your vitamins? Eating healthy? You probably know that you should do these things for your growing baby, but it is just as important that you do them for you. Being a healthy mother is the most important part of having a healthy baby. Choose simple, fresh, delicious snacks for good nutrition, but don’t feel like you need to be perfect. It’s okay to splurge. Keep that perfectly ripe peach just for yourself. Buy the salted caramel gelato that your kids turn their nose up at. It’s all for you!

Sleep in Daylight

Schedule a nap and make sure you take it. When the household slows down and everyone else kicks off their shoes on a lazy afternoon, be sure to join them. Yes, there is a huge stack of laundry. And dishes. And bills. But they will still be there later. Take some time to flop on your bed and close your eyes.

Bust a Move or Two

Exercise is a great mood lifter. Take some time every day to go outside and go on a walk, either alone or with your partner or friend. Feel the sunshine on your arms. Watch the clouds skitter across the sky. Or sign up for a prenatal yoga or water exercise class. Exercise releases those feel-good hormones in your brain, and you deserve to feel good.

Splurge a Bit

When it seems that every dollar has three demands for it, you might find it hard to work a massage or pedicure into the budget.  But try to set aside a few dollars a week and treat yourself to physical pampering every trimester or so if you can.

Use Mental Floss

Pregnancy and mothering can be all consuming, but do you remember when you had hobbies and interests before learning how to make organic baby food and weave diapers from cotton fabric? Spend some time every day reading or journaling or learning or hearing about something completely interesting and not at all related to reproduction.

Remember that the most important thing for a healthy baby is a healthy you!


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Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams is a nurse midwife living and catching babies in New Mexico. She has been caring for birthing women for nearly two decades and is amazed that some of the first babies she helped into the world are now driving. Her personal and professional interests include all areas of pregnancy and birth, infant feeding choices, advocacy for women, birth control, helping adult survivors of abuse relearn how to parent, postpartum depression and placentas, because who doesn't like placentas?

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