What are the Pros, Cons and Expenses of Child Care Options?

Child Care Options

Getting back to work and reconnecting with friends after giving birth can give you a sense of continuity and normalization, but you might also be worried about leaving the baby in someone else’s hands. There are quite a few options, but here are three that you should consider with special attention to child care options: benefits, downsides, and costs.

Day-care Center:

Pros: The schedule matches that of the typical business day, so it could be a viable option if you have a 9-5 job. Your child will be fed and changed. Caretakers will see that the child has an afternoon nap, plus the child will begin socializing with other kids, learn how to be around other people.
Cons: Day-care may not accommodate those children who require special attention, and of you want special food you’ll typically have to provide it yourself.
Costs: The cost varies among day-care center and frequently the more costly centers earn better reputations.

Hiring a Nanny:

Pros: Nannies are professional caretakers that can provide references that can inform you on their previous performance. They can provide special care to the child as well as help with the     house work.
Cons: You’re taking a stranger into your home, which can be unnerving, even you are provided with excellent references.
Costs: Most nannies paid by the hour, with rates depending on the geographical location. Along with a paycheck,  a full-time nanny also requires room and board, as well as days off.


In contrast with a nanny, this is an individual who cares for children for short periods of time.

Pros: If it is someone with whom your child is happy, you can be comfortable asking him or her to work for longer hours. Babysitters also tend to be easy to recruit at the last minute.
Cons: A babysitter may be completely untrained caring for children.
Costs: Usually, they are paid by the hour.

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