Baby Names Inspired by Fall

Whilst there has always been much debate about the best time of year to welcome your baby into the world, the reality is, there are pros and cons to having your baby in every season.

Babies born in fall can end up being some of the oldest children in their school year which can have some educational benefits, but there are lots of other, perhaps more unexpected benefits to having your baby in the fall.

First, the lower temperatures and dark nights in winter and fall can make it far easier to get your baby to sleep, whilst there is something really special about wrapping up warm with scarves and gloves and heading out for a stroll with the stroller, hearing the crunch underfoot as you walk amongst crispy, colourful leaves.

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting a fall baby, you may consider naming your baby something that has been inspired by the seasons. Here are some baby names inspired by fall.

Girls’ names inspired by fall

Autumn (pronounced Aw-tem) – Whilst the name originates from the Latin language, autumn is also the British equivalent name for the fall season, traditionally running from September to December.

Amber – Well known as an orange-coloured gemstone made from fossilised tree resin, Amber is often used to make striking pieces of jewellery. Amber is a great choice to play homage to the beautiful colours that you can see in the great outdoors during fall.

Willow – Whilst many of us will automatically think of Will Smith’s talented daughter when we hear the name Willow, the name is actually derived from the Willow tree. With long flowing branches and strong boughs, the willow tree can often be seen as a symbol of strength and endurance.

Scarlett – Another link to the orange and red hues seen amongst the leaves in fall, Scarlett is a vivid and bright shade of red, often associated with passion and love.

Boys name inspired by fall

Woody – With a literal meaning of ‘from the lane in the woods’ this name has hugely grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the Toy Story franchise. Not to be confused with Edward, Woody is a fun and playful name in its own right.

Wren – They may be small in size, but these tiny brown songbirds are lively and bold. The name is a unisex choice, but most commonly used for girls.

Oakley – If you want to celebrate the beauty of nature during fall, then Oakley is a great choice with a literal meaning of ‘meadow of oak trees’ – trees which are known for their strength and long life.

Gender neutral names inspired by fall

Roux – A name that has proven popular for both girls and boys, Roux is a French origin word with the meaning russet. The colour russet is a red brown shade that can regularly be seen amongst fallen leaves in fall.

Robin – Robin is short for Robert or Roberta and is also the name of a small bird. Robins are often associated with messages from heaven and can give hope for what the future has in store.

Ash – Nature lovers will associate the name Ash with the beautiful tree, but the official meaning of the name Ash is ‘happy’. Of all the things you could hope for when welcoming your new baby to the world, happiness seems to be a solid place to start.

What other seasonal names do you like for your fall baby?

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