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This has been an amazing week for Pregistry! We made a public request for volunteers to help us with various activities (writing blogs, helping us with social media, giving ideas) and more than 60 eager and highly motivated women responded to the call. It is awesome to get your feedback and to partner with you! If you wish to volunteer, please send an email to hello@pregistry.com now!

“Freecycling” is giving and receiving items for free. We are considering starting a freecycle program specifically for pregnancy and baby equipment. We know of many women who have items that have never been used, or used very little, and that could help other women in great need. Would you find this free service useful? Have you ever participated in a freecycle program?

Pregistry’s monthly giveaways are getting better and better and this month it was a beautiful Fisher-Price Cradle ’n Swing!  Were you one of the more than 600 people who entered the draw? The winner was John B., of Eckerman (Michigan). Congratulations, John!

Here is the top news from the week of December 14, 2015, in case you missed it (ICYMI):

Guest blogger Caitlin Dean wrote about the dilemmas faced by pregnant women who experience severe nausea and vomiting. She is the author of the popular website  Spewing Mummy. and her thoughts on. Read Caitlin’s article here  and share your experiences with us too!

Pregistry’s Founder, Dr. Diego Wyszynski, summarized for us several VERY unusual (and hilarious) scientific studies and discoveries in the field of pregnancy. Read his engaging article here.

Reports show that, if you have kids later in life, you may live longer! Late Kids, Long Life? Read it here via the Ozy magazine. 

Many social media outlets reported this week on a study that suggests that taking antidepressants during pregnancy nearly doubles the risk of a autism in the child.  Read all about it here 

An article in the popular magazine Scientific American reports a new autism risk factor: Moms with Polycystic Ovaries. Really? Read more about the study here.  

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Diego Wyszynski
Dr. Diego Wyszynski is the Founder and CEO of Pregistry. He is an expert on the effects of medications and vaccines in pregnancy and lactation and an accomplished writer, having published 3 books with Oxford University Press and more than 70 articles in medical journals. In 2017, he was selected a TEDMED Research Scholar. Diego attended the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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