Must-Have Summer Accessories for the Modern Pregnant Woman

Summertime evokes wonderful memories. Enjoying cold ice cream, sitting in the sun and feeling the warmth, all the while relaxing and knowing you have many more long lazy days ahead of you. However, no one prepares you for the change in summertime laziness when you’re pregnant. Trust me when I say your future bundle of joy will not let you forget that they exist! From chub rub to your body simply expanding and getting more uncomfortable, summertime will be different this time around!

One important and little known secret is the key to combat the dreaded pregnancy chub rub. Whereas we all have experienced that uncomfortable sensation before, pregnancy makes it happen in all different places. Finding a Body Glide bar (or any kind of women’s anti chub rub product without aluminum or too many chemicals) is key! Before heading out, a quick swipe between your thighs, under your arms, and anywhere else you may feel uncomfortable will really help you relax and enjoy a late summer-day walk.

Maternity sandals! I can shout this from the rooftops! Finding sandals with the perfect amount of stretchy fabric and support is absolutely crucial to you being able to comfortably walk when it is 85 degrees and you have a six-month bump. Find a pair with a wide, cushioned footbed, elastic straps, and that are easy to slip on and off.

Similar to finding maternity sandals, the internet is full of amazing products including cooling-foot spray. Sold at the body shop or on Amazon, these sprays work miracles when elevating feet. Next time your feet are swollen and feel too hot, just pop this cooling spray out of your purse and convince your partner to supply a massage as well!

We all know water is super important for your health as a mama to be and for your baby’s health as well. However, many moms don’t realize how much more important it is to drink during the hot summer- even if you are indoors!! Lucky for us, a tracking water bottle has been invented. Nicknamed ‘the belly bottle’ this plastic water bottle has the times of the day written on the outside of the bottle so you can make sure you drink as much as you need. Get drinking mamas!!

Besides for chub-rub, during the summer we’re all sweaty and uncomfortable when wearing a dress slightly too short or too tight. Trust me when I say that that feeling is only magnified when pregnant. That’s why investing in a pair or two of good cotton biker shorts for under dresses (or even jeans if you get too sweaty) makes all the difference. In addition to keeping the sweat away from other people’s eyes, it keeps everything where it should be!

This product may surprise some of you with its ingenuity. Let me just say it and let it sink in, cooling bra inserts. In addition to pregnant women- I wish I knew about this ages ago! Boob sweat is the worst. You can put them in the fridge or freezer and then stick them in your bra. Voila, thank me later.

Morning sickness is horrendous. Morning sickness during the summer is even worse if you can imagine. Smells are magnified in the heat, as well as those nausea-inducing specific things you don’t even realize make you throw up until they do. However, Preggie Pops have been invented! The ginger flavor in the popsicles will make your stomach calmer and the frozen fruit will make you cool down while getting your vitamins.

This last accessory is by far my favorite. I’m sure we’ve all fallen off a pool floatie when not pregnant. I recall falling off from pool noodles well into my teens. If any of you have tried getting onto a floatie while pregnant, I’m sure you’ve fallen a million and two times. That’s why the Pregnancy Pool Float was invented! There are several such items available for purchase online.

I hope our curated must-have summer accessory list has been useful! If not for this year, make sure to stock up for next!

Shoshi S.
Shoshi is a graduate from Stern College for Women in New York City. Her areas of interest include policy, non-profit organizations, and administration. During winter 2018, she was a White House intern. Shoshi has also interned at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and at Save the Children in New York. As a millennial, Shoshi brings a young and fresh perspective to the worlds of pregnancy and lactation.

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