Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

For the week ending April 7, 2019.

Dr. Judette Louis

Dr. Judette Louis, MD, MPH,  an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of South Florida, has been named president-elect of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and will serve as president for the 2020-21 term. Read more here.

This is important for you because SMFM provides education, promotes research, and advocates for pregnant women and their babies across the country.

The Women’s War

Could you imagine a society in which women could magically control their fertility? No need – fantasy writer Jenna Glass already has. Read more here.

This is important for you because it’s a feminist fantasy book – of course it’s important!

Research Over Fear

There has been a growing movement to finally start including pregnant women and nursing mothers in clinical trials. Read about this topic in The Pulse here.

This is important for you because the only way we can know if essential therapeutics are safe for fetuses is if we test them in a controlled, monitored, rigorous way.

“Sober Curious”

Hipsters are always looking for the next wellness trend. Hopefully this one, which involves tasty and creative non-alcoholic cocktails made with artisanally produced ingredients, will remain instyle for at least the next nine months. Read more here.

This is important for you because cutting out alcohol doesn’t mean cutting out fun or flavor – now, and even after you give birth.

The most popular article on The Pulse this week was Best Tips for Working While Being Pregnant. Keep your coworkers informed, stay organized and healthy, and know your rights. Read it here.

Diana Gitig
Dr. Diana Gitig has a Ph.D. in cell biology and genetics from Cornell University, and has been writing about issues in biology – from molecular biology to cancer to immunology to neuroscience to nutrition to agriculture - for the past fifteen years. She has three teenaged children.

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