Pregnancy and Lactation Weekly Digest

For the Week Ending March 13, 2022. 

COVID-19 Vaccines International Pregnancy Exposure Registry (C-VIPER)

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Babies on zoom

Don’t worry; you are far from the only one who has had to change a diaper or nurse your baby during a conference call. Read more here.

This is important for you because WFH may be here to stay for a while, even once COVID is over.

COVID vaccines can protect your growing fetus

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can not only protect you from the dangerous virus; it can protect your baby too. Read more here.

This is important for you because please get vaccinated, if you haven’t already.

Exa Dark Sideræl

So, Grimes and Elon Musk apparently have a baby girl. Her name is Exa Dark Sideræl, but her parents call her Y; her big brother’s name is X AE A-Xii, and he goes by X. Grimes wanted to name her daughter Odysseus, because obviously. Read more here.

This is important for you because no one can criticize your baby name choice. No one.

Breast is best

Breast milk is the perfect nourishment for all infants, but especially for premature infants. It is so perfect, in fact, that some adults want to drink it too. And they will pay. Read more here.

This is important for you because breast milk is so complex, we have not been able to come close to replicating – or even identifying – all of its vital components.


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