Pregistry Newsletter- May 7, 2019



It is becoming more common for mothers to wear jewelry that honors their role in their children’s lives. And if you want to memorialize your breastfeeding journey and the wonder of feeding your babies with your body, breast milk jewelry might be the way to do that. Read on to learn more about what it is and how you can get—or make—your own, here.



Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause serious health problems. Not only is carbon monoxide harmful to your health, but it can also endanger your developing baby. If you are exposed to a large amount of carbon monoxide, poisoning can occur. Even low levels of exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to poisoning over time because the gas continues to build up in your blood. What many expecting moms may not be aware of is that you can be exposed to carbon monoxide in your home without ever knowing. Read our blog on The Pulse here, and here, and, available now, our extensive Expert Report written by one of our doctors!



How you feel about sex during your pregnancy could change by the minute! Hormones affect how you feel about lots of things, but especially sensitive topics like sex. Maybe you had a high sex drive before pregnancy and now you have no interest at all. Maybe sex felt like a chore before pregnancy, but now you can’t get enough. Maybe you vacillate between these two extremes. The point is, however you feel about sex during your pregnancy is okay. In this post, we’ll discuss some ideas about how to navigate talking about—and, if you want to, actually having—sex during pregnancy. Read more here!


EXPERT REPORTS ON CONDITIONS, EXPOSURES, AND MEDICATIONS DURING PREGNANCY AND LACTATION has many useful tools to help you during your pregnancy. One example is our Export Reports section, which has reports on more than 250 medical conditions, 75 exposures, and 150 medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The reports can be accessed for free and they can be saved and shared with family and friends. Learn more here!

Pregistry’s vision is a world in which all pregnant women and their health care providers have the accurate information they need to successfully treat medical conditions that occur during pregnancy and ensure the best health outcomes for mothers and their babies. 
Sarita Balaban
Sarita Balaban is an undergraduate student at Touro College Los Angeles. As a Digital Marketing Associate, Sarita edits Pregistry's weekly newsletter and designs images for our social medial channels.

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