Healthy Foods for Nursing Mothers

PHealthy Foods Nursingroper nutrition is a must when you are breastfeeding. We realize that time may be sparse when you are caring for a newborn, a reality that can lead to hasty food choices. But here are some culinary offerings that are nutritious, yet not demanding on your schedule. These menu options will satisfy your belly, as well as the metabolic needs both of your body cells, and precious your milk that you’re producing for your new family member.

Just some general advice, before we start, that when ordering out or purchasing meals from vendors, there are two categories of food to avoid. The first is fast food that looks as if loaded in sugar and salt. It’s fine to treat yourself to a pizza or burger from time to time, but try not to make a habit of it. Opt instead for meals made with un- or low-processed ingredients, so that there won’t be hidden salt or sugar.

Second, avoid the world of food woo -namely “Non-GMO”, “non-irradiated”, and the like. The term ‘Genetic modification’ (GMOs) places certain ingredients, mainly corn and soy grown by large agricultural companies, into an arbitrary category that has nothing to do with the food’s safety or nutritional value. Even worse, in buying products that boast non-GMO labels, you’re helping to spread myths that encourage foreign governments to reject humanitarian efforts to apply biotechnology to confront public health issues, such as permanent blindness in children due to vitamin A deficiency.

Keeping all of this in mind, here are some balanced meals that you can enjoy throughout the day when nursing: –

1. Eggs and Asparagus Salad:

Salads are healthy; in fact, you should eat ten portions of veggies and fruit each day. But salads often are not rich in high quality protein. To remedy this problem, you can add lean chicken, other lean meats, eggs, or tofu.

2. Tofu and Spinach:

Along with protein, tofu also is rich in folate, as are grains, vegetables, and beans. Folate (or folic acid) is essential during nursing. You can utilize tofu the way that you would utilize cottage cheese or chicken. For instance, you can fry tofu and add in some spinach. You can add a hint of garlic and ginger for additional taste. Eat it with steamed brown rice and some salad.

3. Yogurt Smoothie:

If you want something good for breakfast, you can load up on juices, water, and milk. Make a delicious yogurt smoothie with fruits like kiwi, banana, or mango. You also can add berries, such as strawberries, but it is best to avoid dried fruits as they basically just concentrated sugar, like a piece of candy. Smoothies are a good midday snack as well.

4. Salmon:

If you love seafood, you should continue eating salmon. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. DHA and EPA are two types of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon. These fatty acids make their way into breast milk and are good for the baby’s developing nervous system, including the brain. Don’t eat massive quantities of salmon, or other fish, however, as there is some concern about mercury contamination. You can just have salmon with vegetables and rice for a light meal. Many people prefer brown rice, but its reputation for being healthier than white rice is probably overblown.

5. Quinoa with Vegetables:

When considering healthy recipes for breastfeeding mothers, these food categories are prime in the list. You can make quinoa and vegetable stir fry with a little bit of rice, or just on its own. It is tasty and one of the healthiest foods for women who are breastfeeding. There are countless ways to add quinoa and veggies to your diet!

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