Custom Mobile Ideas For Your Baby’s Room

Custom Mobile Ideas

One search for baby mobiles online and you will find a million different options. You can buy one or you can DIY one. You can have a traditional one or a modern one. You can find gender neutral ones or one for a boy or one for a girl. You can find pricey mobiles and more affordable mobiles. With so many options, it might be hard to decide what you want for your baby’s room. But, you can definitely find one that goes with the nursery theme you have if you look around.

Custom mobiles are definitely an option. You can use websites like Pinterest to find plans to create your own mobile or you can find cute mobiles for sell on Etsy.

I did a little searching to find some of my favorite baby mobile designs on Etsy. Here are 15 unique mobile designs. Most of these mobiles run between $50 to $200 on Etsy. If that’s beyond your price point, these can at least give you some ideas to craft your own baby mobile.

  • Dream catcher mobile: hippie and feminine
  • Woodland mobile: rustic and gender neutral
  • Bookworm mobile: book obsessed
  • Felt ball mobile: simple and gender neutral
  • Hot air balloon mobile: whimsical and imaginative
  • Modern mobile: art lovers
  • Star Wars mobile: sci-fi fans
  • Personalized name mobile: cute and traditional
  • Garden mobile: peaceful and tranquil
  • Airplane mobile: personalized option for a boy
  • Cars and trains mobile: colorful and full of personality
  • Seuss mobile: quirky, but classic
  • Kitten mobile: crocheted, playing kittens
  • Minimalist mobile: simple and modern
  • South American mobile: llamas and cacti

Baby mobile kits are available on Etsy and from other online retailers which provide the mobile frame and hanging materials. Some websites such as Pinterest provide free templates and instructions for making your own mobiles. Some templates use embroidery hoops or twigs to create the main part of the mobile. The hanging objects can be made from a number of materials such as felt, cloth, paper, yarn, or wood. There are also options for mobiles with music or lights or mobiles that can hang on or above the crib or on the ceiling. If you are not that artsy or not into handmade custom mobiles, plenty of stores sell easy to purchase and easy to put together baby mobiles.

Customized mobiles are a great addition to any nursery, but it is important to keep some safety tips in mind. First, whether the mobile is hanging from the ceiling or from the crib, it is important to make sure it is safely secured to prevent it from falling on your baby or having parts that can detach and present a choking hazard. It is recommended to keep toys out of the crib to prevent suffocation. Second, hang and secure the mobile somewhere that your baby can’t reach it. If toys are hanging from the mobile, make sure your baby can’t reach them or the strings that connect them to the mobile. Mobiles should be kept away from window blinds that can become entangled. Never hang other toys or objects from the mobile unless they are supplied with the mobile. And remember, that babies will eventually outgrow their cribs and their mobiles too. As your baby gets older and begins to sit up in the crib, it is time to consider removing the mobile.

Customized or handmade mobiles may require extra safety checks. Manufactured, non-customized mobiles that you can find at many stores may meet certain standards or requirements that reduce the risk of harm to a baby. This may not be the case for a DIY mobile, so always check and double check that it doesn’t pose a risk to your baby. The same goes for a manufactured mobile, always set it up using the proper directions and double check for safety.

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