Baby Names Inspired by Spring

Whilst there is no perfect time to welcome your baby into the world if people ever ask “when is the best time to have a baby”, often the response will be Spring or Summer.

There are many reasons why Spring can be an attractive option for both labor and maternity leave. Unlike the cold and bitter temperatures in Winter and Fall, the world gradually starts to wake up from its slumber in Spring. Not only do we generally start to anticipate warmer weather and spend more time outdoors, but the longer, brighter days also provide more natural sunlight – a source of melatonin which can often boost people’s mood and energy levels.

Seeing the natural world come back to life with plants starting to bloom again and new arrivals among the animal world can make Spring seem like a popular time for baby birthdays.

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting a Spring baby, you may consider naming your baby something that has been inspired by the seasons. Here are some baby names inspired by Spring.

Spring Names for girls

Many of the girls’ names inspired by Spring are based on flowers and the natural world. We love the following:

  • Rose – Naturally, roses are a beautiful flower that comes in multiple shades, most commonly in reds, yellows or pinks. They are renowned for their beauty and for being the gift of love, often sent to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day. What better act of love can you receive than the gift of life?
  • Florence – If the beauty of Spring blossoms and florals brings a bit of joy into your day, the name Florence may be an excellent choice. With a Latin origin with the meaning of ‘flowering’ and ‘prosperous’, it’s a beautiful name that has grown in popularity over recent years.
  • May – It is becoming increasingly common to name babies’ after the month they were born, particularly for middle names, with June, August and April also being appealing name choices for girls. May is named after Maia, the Greek goddess of Spring and is a name which cannot be shortened or abbreviated, something which many parents are often keen to avoid.
  • Brooke – Whilst this name can be gender-neutral, it is generally given to females and has the meaning ‘small stream’. If you’re lucky enough to have brooks in woodland near your home, you will know that they are not only beautiful to look at but serene and calming too.

Spring Names for boys

As above, many of the boy’s names inspired by Spring are related to the weather, nature and the great outdoors. These are some of our favourites:

  • Pascal – Not only is Pascal popular due to its feature in Disney’s feature film Rapunzel, but the name is of French origin and has the meaning ‘Easter’. If your baby is making an appearance during the Easter break, this is an ideal option to celebrate the arrival of new life.
  • Denver – If you’re keen to give your baby a unique name that represents the seasons, then Denver means ‘green valley’, a nod to the natural world or woodland areas you can explore during the Spring with your family.
  • Xavier – means ‘new home’ – which whilst not strictly seasons related, could be seen to represent the season of new life and the new family you have created.
  • Owen – has several meanings in modern society, both ‘The Yew Tree’ and ‘Little Warrior’ which both seem perfectly apt for your baby boy being born in the Spring.

What other Spring-inspired names would make your shortlist?

If your baby is due later in the year, why not check out suggestions for names inspired by Winter.

Lucy Cotterill
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